Philippe Masset

Entrepreneur, software engineer


Minimalist Markdown Editor

This is the simplest and slickest Markdown editor for Chrome. Works offline, allows to open/save files, and gets out of the way. More than 17 000 weekly users as of June 2018.
Also available as a web app with a smaller set of features.


WebGL experiment based on the League of Legends universe.

Facebook Search My Posts

(Discontinued) Search My Posts allows you to search through your old Facebook posts, based on a keyword and the type of the post (music, videos, photos, links).


Craving Words

Craving Words is a Chrome extension that saves every word you search. You then receive a daily email containing all these words in order to really remember them.

Ethereum Gas Prices

Browser extension (for Chrome, Brave and Firefox) that displays current gas prices for the Ethereum blockchain. Gas price estimations come from the 3 most popular data sources for Ethereum gas information: GasNow, Etherscan, and EthGasStation.